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This FOFA Mom to Be Bundle is the quintessential wellness gift set for moms and kids alike with a FOFA Stability Ball Cover, Yoga Ball, and a nursery book.

“Pilates for Elephants” teaches children about the mind-body connection and the gift of mindful practice, self-soothing, breath and movement. The FOFA stability cover is a wellness practice essential that adds the perfect soft, luxurious touch to any nursery, and it’s beloved by sensory learners.

What’s Included:

  • "Pilates for Elephants" book, written by Natalie Zataria
  • FOFA Stability Ball Cover
    • Fits 25.5-inch Stability Ball (65cm, Typically Size Large) 
    • Hand Wash Cold, Hang to Dry
    • Smooth Zipper to Reduce Snags
    • Hidden Handle for Ease of Movement
    • Animal-Friendly Vegan Faux Fur
  • Weighted Stability Ball
    • Weighted with Sand to Prevent Rolling
    • Made with Anti-Burst, Heavy-Duty PVC Material
    • Includes a Foot Pump, 2 Stoppers, Measuring Tape, and a Stopper Remover for Convenience
    • Latex-Free
    • 25.5 Inches Around (65cm, Typically Size Large)

About Pilates for Elephants

Pilates for Elephants is a children's book that teaches Pilates movements through the mind-body connection, and elephants, naturally! Through practicing the steady flow of Pilates movements described in this book, children can attain the self-soothing gift and practice of mindful breath and exercise. This calming book will transport you and your child into the home of the elephants for a pilates lesson before bedtime. As the jungle winds down, so will you.